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Livingstone’s critics are weakening the very meaning of anti-Semitism

20 April, 2017

Ken Livingstone

• THE horrible irony of those who accuse Ken Livingstone of anti-Semitism or insist he should be expelled from the Labour Party is that they are significantly weakening the meaning of anti-Semitism – and this at a time when we particularly need to take a stand against all forms of racism.

What many overlook is that the Nazis only fully adopted a policy of genocide at the Wannsee Conference in early 1942.

So the earlier Nazi policy of pushing Jews out of Germany was briefly a moment of possible congruity between the interests of the Nazis and of right-wing Zionists in “resettlement”, including to Palestine, an alliance which most on the left, including the left of the Zionist movement, strongly opposed.

Now however we need to refocus away from Livingstone and onto opposing Israel’s oppression of the Palestinian people.

I hope all those condemning Livingstone for his anti-Semitism will be out supporting the next anti-racist demo.

Cressida Road


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