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Lockdown has brought an end to the life of many democratic organisations

15 May, 2020

• LOCKDOWN has brought the internal life of numerous democratic organisations, such as Labour Party branches and trade union branches, to an end.

It is instructive to remind ourselves of the reason for lockdown.

If somebody with an underlaying ill-health condition is infected by somebody carrying novel coronavirus, this may worsen the underlying ill-health condition. He or she may die.

Nobody knows everybody who has an underlying ill-health condition. Sometimes the ill person does not realise the seriousness of what he or she has got.

Nobody knows everybody who is carrying novel coronavirus. This disease spreads easily. People are catching it all the time.

The only way to prevent possible infection by novel coronavirus is to lock everybody down.

People do not usually start life with an underlying ill-health condition. Sooner or later they develop it. Eventually they die.

People with underlying ill-health conditions are coming along all the time.

If the authorities do not want anybody to suffer an early death because of infection by novel coronavirus, they will have to continue lockdown for ever.

Democratic organisations will remain unable to meet.

What foods do the authorities say that people should avoid eating in order to avoid developing underlying ill-health conditions?

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