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Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme was a complete shambles

15 January, 2021

The Low Traffic Neighbourhood kicked off with chaos in Highbury West

• THE latest Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme in Islington came into force in Highbury West on January 11. It was a complete shambles.

Drivers familiar with the roads, many of them residents, sailed past small, obscured, and badly-positioned signs, unaware that enforcement had begun.

Islington Council officials were conspicuous by their absence, keeping well out of it.

It was left to people living and working nearby to explain what was going on to confused motorists, jammed in queues of reversing and U-turning vehicles.

Traditionally tranquil roads were filled with cars circling with increasing frustration as they tried to escape the closed zones.

Not even Islington’s own employees seemed to have a clue, as their own lorries passed through the “no-entry” signs.

Even if you support the concept of LTNs the mismanagement of the implementation takes the breath away. It leaves one to wonder if the whole scheme is similarly misconceived.

Highbury Hill, N5


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