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LTNs offer cleaner air and a chance to enjoy more open space

14 May, 2021

• BEARING in mind that Islington is the most densely populated borough in England and that we have the lowest ratio of open space to built-up areas of any London borough, it seems to me that low traffic neighbourhoods, LTNs, offer us all an opportunity to enjoy cleaner air, less noise and more open space, just as residents of other boroughs enjoy their parks.

This is especially important for residents who live in cramped conditions or in flats or in shared houses with no gardens, as it gives them the opportunity to enjoy outdoor recreation, exercise, and the pleasures of nature; possibly quite literally outside their front door.

It is well established communing with nature is good for mental health and the more LTNs we have the more residents can protect their mental as well as physical wellbeing.

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