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May moved the goalposts when she represented the UK at the European Fantasy Politics League

28 September, 2018

• THERESA May represented the UK at the European Fantasy Politics League away match at the famous Von Trapp stadium in Salzburg.

She had a great plan – move the goalposts. Blame everyone else and win on penalties in extra time. So, yet again she told them her widely-debunked Chequers Plan was the only option.

Then she repeated this nonsense to the Irish PM and condescendingly added that it was going to be quite some time before she could work out the actual details – a clear tactic to force extra time.

The European team spotted the ruse and refused to have any of it. They were there to play proper football, not kick the can into the long grass. They didn’t mince their words and Theresa got upset. Understandably, her post-match comments didn’t make much sense.

This is not the case with her comments in Downing Street the next day. She and her coaching team had the time to craft her statement carefully.

She told us that staying in the European Economic Area would mean “we’d still have to abide by all the EU rules, uncontrolled immigration from the EU would continue and we couldn’t do the trade deals we want with other countries”.

This is a lie. Yes, we’d have to accept some EU rules, about 21 per cent of them and most of those are global rules anyway. We wouldn’t have uncontrolled immigration, but would have a modified form of free movement with restrictions on benefits claimants and numbers.

We wouldn’t be in the customs union and would be free to do trade deals with other countries. We would also remain in the single market, keep 758 EU trade agreements and organise minimal disruption to our trade with the EU.

In peddling these falsehoods, May is not only lying to us, she is also locking us into disaster. May has to face reality and stand up to the Moggite’s lies. We’re deep into injury time and without a deal we really are facing catastrophe.

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