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Spring has come early for May’s dead Magic Money Tree

08 February, 2019

• FOR as long as anyone can remember the Tories have devoted their energies to destroying employment protection for workers. They complained long and loud about the European Social Chapter, so much so that they hailed the now-reviled John Major for securing an opt-out from it in the Maastricht Treaty. It was Tony Blair who signed us up to it.

One of the main drivers behind their demand for Brexit was to get rid of it all. Yet Mrs May is now telling us that she will enshrine some of it in English law, but does anyone believe that it will last longer than her own shoddy government? Using Henry VIII powers it can all be swept away with a stroke of a minister’s pen.

So what to make of her blatant bribery of Labour MPs? On the face of it the plan is to invest money in regeneration schemes, mainly in the north or old coalmining areas. While the country is shrouded in snow and ice, her dead Magic Money Tree suddenly seems to have found that spring has come early in Whitehall.

After stripping billions from the north in the name of austerity she now hopes that 30 pieces of silver will buy her the support of enough Labour MPs to do what her own right-wing rebels refuse to do: vote for her Brexit plan. We don’t seem to hear much about the roaring success of George Osborne’s Northern Powerhouse and I’m sure the Labour MPs she has approached will be astute enough to know that her promises are equally worthless.

For a vicar’s daughter she is displaying all the attributes of a shyster and con artist. So much so, that I’m beginning to wonder if Mrs May is not, in fact, a scion of the illustrious Blackadder dynasty. As things continue to turn pear-shaped, I’m looking forward to the sight of the Prime Minister coming to Question Time with two pencils stuck in her nose, wearing underpants on her head and saying “Wibble” to the House.

Richmond Grove, N1


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