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Members unite for racism fight

Town Hall urged to work with ‘all communities in Islington’ to address inequalities

17 July, 2020

Labour councillor Michelline Safi Ngongo

THE Town Hall has pledged to tackle systemic racism in Islington as two motions were passed at full council in the wake of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests.

One, put forward by Labour councillor Michelline Safi Ngongo, said the council should resolve to work with “all communities in Islington” to address inequalities and racism experienced by people in the borough.

This came after a motion put forward by Green Party councillor Caroline Russell at Thursday’s all member meeting, which asked colleagues to recognise that a “great deal” of the UK’s wealth was founded on slavery – a “vile crime against humanity”.

Cllr Russell’s motion, said reparations should be paid by all countries which were enriched by enslavement and colonisation to “Africa and to Africans in the diaspora”.

Council leader Councillor Richard Watts said: “We are currently working with BAME councillors, council staff and community leaders to come up with an action plan. It is important that we are led by the ­community.”

BLM protests have been held across the world after the police custody death of George Floyd in Minnesota at the end of May.


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