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Miracle of life in a London garden

30 May, 2019 — By John Gulliver

TO my mild surprise I have been observing recently the act of creation – my wife discovered the nest of a blackbird hidden in the inner-precincts of a bush in the tiny strip of our front garden and has recorded the first moments of life on her camera.

A townie, I had never given much thought to birds and their nesting in London until my wife found the nest five feet from the ground and safe from foxes and other marauders.

Her discovery has made me feel at times like a man of the country.

Day after day, she delicately photographed the whole act of creation in a secret part of a bush – the making of the nest, the birth of the eggs and, last week, the final hatching.

First came the picture of the nest, my wife having seen the bird fly back and forth carrying tiny twigs, and then shaping and building the walls of the nest.

There have been moves in London to cast nets over trees to stop nesting. I trust it will be resisted. When you come to think of it, it is a miraculous moment in a little garde in central London, proving, I suppose, that we are never far from nature even in this mad over­populated conurbation where humans are only one part of the landscape.


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