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Moment of rage that ends hopes and dreams

03 May, 2019

• IT’S said that love conquers all. If only it could stop knife crime. If only those with a knife could stop for just one moment and ask themselves why they need to take someone’s life.

Why can’t they see the whole crazy picture that unfolds after they use that knife? The sorrow they will cause, the hurt and the tears. No matter how old the victim is, they are all now sadly wasted years.

If it was just a matter of counting to 10 before that knife is pulled and the mist of anger starts, that would change the lives of all concerned. Be it of the victim’s family or the one with the blood-stained knife.

The sands of time fade away, with hopes, dreams and future plans ended through a moment of rage. All that the book of life had in store will be stuck in time, sadly for ever on the last page.



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