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More consequences that could arise from Brexit

22 November, 2019

• ANOTHER outcome of Brexit, unseen by the vast majority of us (about 99 per cent I guess) was the fact that World Trade Organization countries like Australia and Canada would, as they now say, be seeking compensation from the United Kingdom from crowding them out of their WTO quotas to the European Union.

How nonsensical for Brexit supporters to claim that “we knew what were voting for”. Did they also logically envisage that the EU will probably demand entry to our fishing waters (for which we have insufficient fishery protection vessels or warships to protect them from inter-lopers) and preferential work permits for EU workers in exchange for allowing us to sell our goods in the EU on a free trade basis?

Much effort for very little it seems! Did they envisage the damage to be done to the UK by the Irish border conundrum (about 0.01 per cent)? The future is a different country; they do things unforeseeably there! What about a second, confirming, informed referendum? Particularly for those too young to vote long ago in 2016.

Widecombe Way, N2


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