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More Greens and Lib Dems? Nice try, but no thank you

11 May, 2018

• VOTERS have declared for Labour again by a margin of 47 seats out of 48. I wouldn’t be surprised if the right-wing launches criticism as to the failure of the local Labour Party to win all 48 seats, thus declaring it a disaster for Labour and Jeremy Corbyn.

I am not at all surprised at the foreboding expressed by Caroline Russell (Green) and Tracy Ismail (Lib Dem) over such an outcome and their repeating of an already-tired “one-party state” mantra, (Lone Green’s last-gasp fight to save seat, May 4).

Are they both suggesting that Labour supporters and voters should be better sports? Perhaps in future those of us who exercised our democratic rights and voted Labour should give the opposition a break and vote entirely against our wishes and principles by electing more Greens/Lib Dems? Nice try, but no thank you.

I would, however, request that Caroline and Tracy revise their terminology and refrain from such tautology. Describing Islington as a “one-party state” is unhelpful, untrue and unscientific.

Hanley Road, N4


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