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More hot air as Trump returns

24 May, 2019 — By Calum Fraser

Piper Euan McKenzie with the Trump Baby blimp

MANY people in the borough would rather listen to wailing cats than hear a proud bagpiper fire up their instrument.

But this week, the Scottish instrument was used as a battle cry against the impending UK visit of the US president Donald Trump.

Disgruntled Scot Euan McKenzie marched down to Bingfield Park in Barnsbury on Wednesday to give his support to the Trump blimp, which was being inflated ahead of the president’s visit on June 3.

Mr McKenzie, who works in Old Street, said: “In Scotland, we don’t take any of Trump’s pish. He’s just a wee baby. That’s why I wanted to support this Trump balloon.”

Anita Grant, who helps manage Bingfield Park, said: “I was looking at this man in a kilt and thought ‘why is there a pensive Scotsman looking at Trump?’ I thought he was part of the instal­lation. Then when he started playing I was filled with joy.”

Kevin Smith, who helped organise the Trump Baby, said: “We appreciate the context of Islington’s radical history. It has always been a hotbed for all sorts of social movements and progressive organisations. So we thought it would be an ideal place to blow up the Baby Trump following the week his visit was announced.”


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