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More than 70 per cent opposed controversial visitor centre in Caledonian Park

24 November, 2017

• MATTHEW Tye writes enthusiastically in support of the start of work on the controversial visitor centre in Caledonian Park (Fantastic start to work on visitor centre, November 17).

Readers will be aware this project was much opposed by residents and park users alike. In four consultations more than 70 per cent opposed the building or the siting of it at the north gate.

Two petitions of 750 and more than 800 signatories opposed the project, but these voices of opposition were ignored and the council eventually got its way, with minor adjustments to the design.

Mr Tye proudly announces himself a “non-Nimby member of the community”. He patronises residents and dismisses their concerns by saying: “We all have to put up with a little bit of pain for the wider gain.”

Everyone that is, apart from Mr Tye, because Biddestone Road, where he lives, is, according to Google maps, a 15-minute walk from the visitor centre.

Mr Tye is not part of the immediate community. He will not be affected for the next year by the “noise, dirt and disruption”, which he breezily insists reasonable people, but not in this instance him, should expect.

Once completed, he will not suffer either from any increased traffic, deliveries, collections, rubbish, vermin, noise pollution or potential anti-social behaviour 15 metres from his windows. Why? because the visitor centre, about which he is so welcoming, is not in his backyard.

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