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Mosque in Finsbury Park ‘will be green’

Muslim leader unveils plans for eco-friendly modernisation of Seven Sisters Road building

04 October, 2019 — By Emily Finch

How the new mosque in Finsbury Park could look

A MUSLIM leader from Finsbury Park says he is looking to rebuild his mosque and convert it into an eco-friendly building after seeing the devastation that climate change has already brought to North Africa.

Toufik Kacimi, chief executive of Muslim Welfare House in Seven Sisters Road, gave an impassioned speech outside the Town Hall steps during the climate strike protests last month where he highlighted how he was prompted to join in because of what he had witnessed.

Mr Kacimi told the Tribune that he is hoping to modernise his mosque, which also holds a community centre, with better insulating windows that also feature solar panels to help generate green energy for the mosque.

He has already submitted designs to Islington Council but they will have to be either approved by Town Hall officers or a planning committee made up of councillors.

“I’m proud of our solar energy that we already have,” he said. “I hope to have a new building within two years where we use new technology to save energy – being green will be the heart of the new building”

Toufik Kacimi

The planned six-storey building will feature steel lattice work at the front, which is characteristic of Islamic style. It will also hold nine new apartments, a new prayer hall and an exhibition space. The current mosque consists of multiple separate build­ings that are dis­jointed from each other and set back from the main road, close to Finsbury Park tube station.

Mr Kacimi’s chain of mosques – there are around 16 centres throughout the country – held a sermon on climate change to coincide with the global climate strike protests.

He said: “We encouraged people to take personal responsibility for stopping climate change. Islam teaches us to have a balance in this life with your inner self, neigh­bours and your environment too.”

Mr Kacimi added: “You cannot live a successful life without this balance, and God ordered us not to cut a tree unless you have to and not to kill animals unless you have to.

“Our belief is you have to look after your environment and we must remind people that is their duty. We must consume less.”

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