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MPs must back a People’s Vote

01 February, 2019

• ALISON McGarry, Stephen Moorby and Pat Edlin would be less concerned about supposed anti-Corbyn conspiracies if they took the trouble to get out and speak to people, (Election is the real People’s Vote, January 25).

Together with a number of others, I have been involved in taking the temperature in both Islington constituencies for some time now. We are not paid by anyone and are not instruments of the Prince of Darkness or anyone else.

Jeremy Corbyn has always had strong personal support from many people in his constituency (Emily Thornberry less so), despite not supporting what the vast majority of Islington voters want.

People understand that Jeremy is leader of the Labour Party and not just MP for Islington North. They used to hope that eventually he would swing round to their way of thinking.

Recently, the mood has changed. On Saturday I was told by Labour voters in Jeremy’s constituency that he and Emily are “arrogant”, “they do not care about people like us” and “you cannot print what I think” (and similar comments).

All this is unprompted. I never express a view about Jeremy or Emily and I don’t disclose which political party I support (if any). Ms McGarry and Mr Moorby claim that Labour speaks for both Leavers and Remainers and can heal the divisions in the country through a general election. Who believes that?

Labour is colluding in a Tory Brexit that will damage the country. Worse, if Brexit goes through without a People’s Vote now, the millions who have come on the electoral roll since 2016 and the millions who are seriously concerned about Brexit now that they have actually seen what it means (together, that’s the overwhelming majority of voters) will feel cheated.

That will poison British politics for decades to come. So come on, Jeremy and Emily. Support a People’s Vote.

Ellington Street, N7


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