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MPs must put all their effort into implementing referendum decision

05 January, 2018

• I WANT to challenge the claim made by Martin Plaut that Jeremy Corbyn is able to “mobilise the many” when in June 2016 the many voted to leave the EU (Brexit has hit Christmas shoppers, December 21).

In the amendment put forward by MP Chris Leslie to keep the UK in the customs union Mr Corbyn demanded Labour MPs abstain. Sixty-four voted for the amendment.

Parliament ducked the issue of EU membership by using the device of a referendum to avoid having to take responsibility. To quote Philip Hammond: “The decision must be for the common sense of the British people.”

Prominent campaigners for a “Yes” vote included MPs Anna Soubry, Dominic Grieve, David Lammy, Chuka Umunna and Nicky Morgan, all of whom voted to give the public a clear vote to either stay in or to leave the EU. All our MPs, irrespective of party, should now put every effort into implementing the sovereign decision of the electorate.

Following the referendum in 1975 in which voter turnout was eight per cent below that for the referendum in 2016, the “leavers”, including Tony Benn, Peter Shore, Enoch Powell and Neil Kinnock, accepted the will of the public with grace and got on with it.

The real cause of our time for MPs and parties to get to grips with is how to end the decade of money printing and bring currencies back on a sound footing before we all lose confidence. It is not reality to believe that printed money is the same as earned money. That way lies madness.

Mildmay Grove North, N1


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