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Murder accused claims victim had stabbed him

A 17-year-old boy is on trial at the Old Bailey accused of murdering Lewis Blackman last February

17 January, 2019

Lewis Blackman

A YOUTH accused of murdering a Kentish Town teenager claims he was robbed and stabbed by the victim on the night he died, a trial has heard.

The 17-year-old, who denies the charge, said Lewis Blackman had stolen his necklace and stabbed him before he armed himself with a knife and became part of a group chase.

Mr Blackman, 19, a former Acland Burghley student, died last February after being stabbed 14 times in a west London street.

Two boys, aged 17, were previously convicted of murder and a 16-year-old boy of manslaughter. None can be named due to their ages.

The defendant this week told jurors at the Old Bailey he heard banging on the door at the party before several people got in.

He alleged Mr Black- man then held him by the scruff of his jacket against a wall while a masked person searched him and took his new iPhone.

He then accused Mr Blackman of taking the chain from around his neck. Mr Blackman stabbed him through the lower right arm, the defendant said before rolling up his sleeve and showed the jury a scar.

Asked by defence barrister James Wood QC what his intention was when he then grabbed a knife, the accused said: “To have something with me to defend myself, sir. I wasn’t really thinking about what was going to happened or how it was going to turn out. My sole purpose was going to get my things back.”

He added: “I just didn’t think about what I was going to do. I just snapped. I didn’t think.”

On CCTV, the defendant is seen catching up with Mr Blackman before making a stabbing motion.

He then slows down as the rest of the group catch up with Mr Blackman as he falls to the ground.

Asked whether he had made contact with the knife, he said: “At the time I didn’t know.”

The court had previously heard how the prosecution accused the teenager of stabbing Mr Blackman a second time when he was on the ground. However, the defendant told jurors he had reclaimed his chain from the ground next to Mr Blackman.

The trial continues.


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