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Must our Angel Wings fly away?

09 March, 2018

• I WAS so glad when I saw 10-year-old Olivia Clark had started up a petition against the removal of the beautiful Angel Wings sculpture at Angel Central centre.

I couldn’t believe it when I read it was the redevelopers’ intention to store it until a suitable place could be found for it.

Why would it have to come down and be stored before it could be decided where it could go? We all know that if it was ever removed it would never be seen again.

It would need to be a very large storage space, which I’m sure would cost thousands in rent. Being made of steel, it would probably rust up soon after.

Angel Wings has become probably the most attractive and noteworthy attraction in Islington. Who says it is outdated?

I’ve lived in Islington for 35 years and since 2003, when it was erected, I have had dozens of friends and family visit and every one of them has wanted to see the wings sculpture.

Most people really love to have a photo taken with the wings behind so they can have their own set of Angel Wings.

It is such a unique and wonderful landmark it would be like taking down Nelson’s Column in order to replace it with another plinth.

Granted the wings haven’t been here for as long as Nelson but I think to most residents and thousands of others they mean just as much.

Anyway, a sculpture celebrating peace is so much nicer than a column celebrating war.

Theseus Walk, N1


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