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My dash to fire station when flat upstairs leaked water

12 January, 2018

• IT’S been a cold and miserable start to the New Year but now, thanks to Islington Council’s sub-contractors, it was literally a soaking wet one.

When last week water kept streaming down from the flat upstairs into the communal hallway, I waited in vain for Rydon.

Just a few years ago I survived a ceiling collapse due to an all-too-frequent water leak when the 170-year-old, half-tonne ceiling collapsed into our front room, damaging everything and smashing to pieces the chair I had been sitting on seconds before.

Six hours after my midnight phone call to the emergency line there was no sign of the promised Rydon plumber, though the guy on the helpline sounded really nice but was powerless.

Then water started flowing through the light fitting. In desperation I rushed to Upper Street fire station. The crew came within six minutes and I was in awe of their calm, cool professionalism: they located the source of the leak in the flat upstairs, isolated it and made it safe by disconnecting the communal electricity.

I now hope Rydon will repair the damaged ceiling, which has already suffered numerous leakages, so that it can be rescued from collapsing. Perhaps Rydon could also fit a water fuse so that when the next leak occurs the flat supply would be automatically stopped, so preventing expensive and dangerous structural damage. That would be a great turn for the New Year.



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