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My drains repair saga

19 May, 2017

• ON Saturday, my sink was backing up with sludge and the drain in my garden was overflowing. Emergency repairs came out, but couldn’t ‘rod’ my drains.

They checked with neighbours and theirs were also blocked, but as one neighbour wouldn’t let them in they said they would be back Sunday or Monday, but to phone at 8am on Monday. At 8am on Monday I phoned and was told to phone at midday. I phoned at midday and was told it was scheduled for May 25, 10 days’ time.

I explained the situation and was told they would be out to me within 24 hours. They didn’t arrive. Forty-eight hours later and I now have a flooded kitchen, and the stench of foul water like nothing you would want to smell.

I phoned emergency repairs and they said I was due a visit at some point today (it is now Wednesday). I said that wasn’t good enough as I am flooded, so after deliberation I was told that as a gesture they would try to get to me within two hours. How is this a gesture when this is the official maximum time for backing up drains?

They turned up within 90 minutes, and said that the problem was they didn’t know where the manhole was as this is what they needed. Why didn’t they say this on their first visit? I showed them where it was, but because Islington Council had done work to my property 15 years ago and buried it, they have had to arrange for groundsmen to attend to dig it up. They will then return.

Meanwhile, I have a flooded kitchen and a house that stinks like a sewer, plus carpets that will need cleaning, where they wouldn’t put on overshoes, walking over them from the muddy garden. More money for me to pay out that I cannot afford.

All donations welcome?

Terling Walk, N1


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