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My ‘gun’ scare in A&E

06 April, 2018

• ABOUT 10 days ago, I had reason to go to A&E at University College Hospital, in Euston Road, (Hero cop tackles ‘gunman’, March 30).

It was a very, very long wait. I became very hot and faint and began to feel sick. I went over to a nurse and at once I was violently sick. She put me in a wheelchair and pushed me to a cubicle.

Suddenly, I heard seven cracks. It was the sound of a gun. At first, it all went quiet, then nurses began to run. A nurse was terrified and a young doctor was shaking.

Security men came and police were called. It was a joke gun, thank goodness. Nurses were hugging each other. It all gave a feeling of “It was only a joke!” But what if it were real? I’m sure a dozen people would have received a bullet.


 LUKE Weekes, 35, charged with assault on a police officer and possession of a firearm to cause fear or violence, appeared at Highbury Magistrates’ Court on March 26.


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