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My health centre as an ‘asset’

26 February, 2021

• I DIDN’T know that my health centre in Somers Town had become part of a job lot (what was it, buy four get one free?) of “assets” to be flogged off like a used car to any passing American corporation that wagged its finger, (The great GP surgery takeover).

Haven’t we got our own, home-grown, corporate parasites?

Nor, in my innocence, did I know that it was already “controlled” by another company, AT Medics, who had “shares” in something I pay for and thought I owned, for the common weal, called the National Health Service.

But no. It is now in the hands of a corporation based in Missouri and whose CEO was paid something like $25million in 2019, for what I don’t know.

But it wasn’t for wanting to run a health centre in Somers Town without squeezing every last drop of “value” from it. All this in secret.

This may not be criminally corrupt; but I think it is corrupt. Centene Corp now has unlimited access to the intimate medical data of over 300,000 people regardless of any consent to monetise as it pleases.



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