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My landlord continues to ignore the repairs I need

24 July, 2020

• WHY does Peabody, my landlord, continue to ignore repairs?

Recently there were problems with the boiler and the contractor made an appointment to return with a part, but did not do so. A form appeared in my mailbox requesting me to make an appointment.

Other outstanding repairs are: mend door to boiler cupboard; adjust lounge window so I can open it; install porthole in bedroom window; collect boxes laid for mice.

The vermin problem has been going on for five years and mice are still in my bedroom, keeping me awake. They have found their way into my mattress and I had to throw my duvet away because mice were in it.

Peabody told me I was living in a pest-free environment, and soon after I found two dead mice in the lounge.

When I reported these, one was as big as my hand, and I said I couldn’t pick them up to dispose of them because I have arthritis. I was told “We don’t do it, you have to.”

In desperation I have applied for a housing transfer, though I do not really want to leave this lovely flat that has been my home for 30 years.

I was allocated a support worker who missed appointments, promised a free deep-clean, and someone to help me declutter, but nothing happened.

He also promised a refrigerator and that was passed to Islington Council, who sent me a letter informing me I would have to ring another number.

I did so and made arrangements for it to be delivered, but no one showed up. I rang and arranged another appointment but nobody turned up.

Then he informed me Peabody was changing the way it worked, and he would no longer be my support worker.

Then Peabody rang to tell me a contractor was waiting outside to mend the bathroom tiles, though I was not informed.

While he was in the bathroom this person rang again and asked me about other repairs. Simultaneously the contractor started telling me about the bathroom tiles.

I asked him to wait while I finished the phone conversation but he ignored me and held out his mobile, insisting I talk.

I couldn’t breathe and asked him to help me open the window. In the process he broke the porthole, then began shouting.

I am a disabled woman and live alone and found this upsetting. He continued to shout and I asked him to leave and returned to the phone conversation.

Then the caller, from Peabody told me “calm down, why don’t you calm down?”, which she kept repeating.

I put the phone down feeling Peabody is rude, disrespects people like me, and has a policy of blame. This makes for communication problems, and will not resolve anything.

The “Resident” newsletter is a joke containing mainly self-praise.

They have a complaints procedure but when I reported the appalling behaviour of gas engineers it was recorded as “Miss Trickitt felt the engineer was rude to her.”

Nothing about my phone number being misused, demands for entry day and evenings on six occasions by the engineer and those who described themselves as colleagues.

I told them on every occasion via the intercom the boiler no longer needed attention and denied entry.

Peabody showed no concern and has ignored my request for someone else to be present in case it happens again.

I was threatened with legal action, forced entry, and homelessness if I did not respond within a certain time frame for the annual safety check.

I do realise the importance of this check but Peabody is a housing charity and has details that make me a vulnerable tenant.

I am also 81 years old. Peabody’s policy makes me feel depressed.

Tenants should not have to write letters to newspapers in the hope that the oxygen of publicity might lead to improvements and better training for staff.

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