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My mother’s daring escape from the Nazis

Holocaust Memorial Day speaker calls for tolerance

29 January, 2021 — By Calum Fraser

Emmy and Helen in 2008

THE daughter of a Jewish woman who made a daring escape from Nazi Germany just before war broke out has spoken of the importance of racial tolerance.

Emmy Golding was the only one of her four siblings who survived the Holocaust by escaping to the UK in May 1939.

Less than a year before, she had pulled off a near-miraculous feat by convincing a Nazi SS officer in her home town of Cologne to release her father from the Dachau concentration camp where he had been sent after Kristallnacht – a night of frenzied anti-Jewish attacks in 1938 Germany.

Ms Golding was then able to smuggle her parents out of Germany four days before the Second World War began.

Emmy as a young woman

Her daughter Helen Stone spoke at Islington Council’s Holocaust Memorial Day event on Wednesday about her mother and the inspiration that she takes from a life that was filled with so much tragedy.

Ms Stone, 74, told the Tribune: “My mother wasn’t a passive onlooker, she took her fate into her own hands. I wouldn’t exist if she hadn’t escaped. I am very conscious of that.”

She added: “On days like this I think of of all my dead relatives: cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews who I might have had and now don’t have and will never know about.

“But I think the most important thing to take from my mother’s story is the importance of tolerance, compassion, understanding and not othering people.”

Emmy died in 2010.

Ms Stone said: “We all have the power to make a stand if we think something isn’t right.”


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