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My road junction fatality fears

10 November, 2017

• FOR nearly 15 years I have worked two days a week at an office on Holloway Road, near the junction with Palmers Place and Drayton Park, and I am frankly surprised there haven’t been more collisions here.

While there are lights to enable traffic to cross Holloway Road between Palmer Place and Drayton Park, and to enable traffic to continue along Holloway Road, there is no provision whatsoever for pedestrians trying to cross any of these roads. You just have to hope for a break in the traffic.

It’s not unusual to have to wait for two light changes before this happens, particularly if you’re not fast on your feet.

It’s about time there were pedestrian crossings at this junction. Islington Green Party fully supports the petition at

We urge Transport for London to do something before there is a fatality.

Islington Green Party


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