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My thanks to this knight in shining cycling gear

06 October, 2017

• I WOULD like to thank the male cyclist who came to my rescue on Monday evening.

I was in Highbury Station Road waiting to give my son my Golf to drive to his football match in Mill Hill when I realised my car had developed a flat tyre.

A passing cyclist saw the problem, asked if I had a spare tyre and needed any help. He kindly changed the wheel for me and would not accept any payment.

A neighbouring householder came out of his house and asked if we needed a pump. My son arrived just as my saviour was tightening the wheel nuts on the spare wheel.

My faith in human nature was restored by such kindness. The cyclist was my knight in shining fluorescent cycling gear.

He said he lived further down Highbury Station Road nearer the station and was cycling to his office nearby in, I think, MacKenzie Road. What a lovely man!

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