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Nashon Esbrand Trial: Two men found guilty of murder

A 16-year-old pleaded guilty to murder at the start of the trial

26 March, 2018 — By Emily Finch

Nashon Esbrand, who had just become a father, was chased by five men before his death, the trial was told. Picture: SliderCuts

TWO young men who “cornered and trapped” a new dad before he was fatally stabbed just yards from his mother’s home were found guilty of murder following a two-week trial today (Monday).

Dillon Zambon, 20, and Jhon Berhane, 18, were today found guilty of murdering Nashon Esbrand, 27, of Upper Holloway, in August last year after he was chased along the Essex Road and trapped in Mitchison Road by five youths on pushbikes.

The two defendants were found guilty of murder based on joint enterprise.

A 16-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons because of his age, pleaded guilty to murder at the start of the trial.

He was the one who plunged a “Rambo” knife into Mr Esbrand’s legs cutting through a major artery.


Dillon Zambon and John Berhane who were found guilty of murder

The jury heard how neighbours and passersby battled to save Mr Esbrand’s life after he collapsed in a doorway while the youths cycled away.

He was rushed to an East London hospital by ambulance but died early next morning.

All three defendants will now be sentenced by Judge Anuja Dhir QC on April 27.

During the trial, the jury heard how Mr Esbrand had been targeted by members of the Cally Boyz, a gang whose members are made up of youths living off the Caledonian Road, after they accused him of co-operating with the police.

Zambon’s defence counsel, Judith Khan QC, told the court last Wednesday that her client “didn’t know that serious injury was going to happen to Mr Esbrand” and that seeing a knife pulled out was a “game changer” for him.

She told the court that Zambon had moved away from the group once a knife had been pulled out.

A fourth suspect has never been identified by police through CCTV footage while the prosecution told the court that the fifth suspect, Jack Stevens, is believed to be hiding abroad.

Detective Chief Inspector Nicola Wall, who led the investigation, said: “Nashon was fatally stabbed in the same street where his parents lived after being relentlessly pursued in full view of many local people going about their normal business.

“Today three people have been convicted of murdering Nashon, a much loved son, brother and father. We will continue to ensure that all those involved are brought to justice and thank the local community for their support during the investigation.”


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