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New playground building bid in Upper Holloway

Plans to replace rotting hut that was built in the 1980s

24 September, 2021

How the new playground building will look, if building consent is granted

PLANNERS are set to approve designs for a new building at a popular adventure playground.

The 1980s-built timber framed hut at the Cornwallis Open Space in Upper Holloway is being wrecked by rot and now faces demolition.

In its place, Islington will build a metal-clad alternative.

“The existing building is being demolished and replaced as the as it is in poor condition mainly due to wood rot and the building has been heavily dilapidated due to its intense and regular use,” a council report said.

“The erection of a new building would be less financial cost than prolonging the lifespan of the existing building and the new build can efficiently facilitate more events and meetings for the local community such as councillor’s surgeries.”

The building will be slightly bigger and be used for different community uses, but the council said in its application to its own planning department that it did not think the change would cause any new noise disturbances for people living nearby.

Councillors will decide on the applica­tion on Thursday.


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