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NHS public meeting invitation for March 11

07 March, 2019

• WITH all the attention focused on Brexit, the state of our NHS seems to have faded into the background.

Yet as your correspondents showed (Deep cuts operation threatens NHS, Health, February 28), lack of adequate funding from the government and its policies of privatisation are bringing this wonderful service to the brink of collapse.

Waiting times in A & E are the worst since first recorded 10 years ago, and the same is true of waits for hospital appointments. Overstretched hospitals simply don’t have enough beds to cope with the demand, and it’s becoming more and more difficult even to get an appointment with your GP.

Meanwhile private companies are grabbing more and more NHS contracts and hard-pressed NHS trusts are raising money by selling off NHS land to private developers.

And it gets worse. There are new policies to save money by withdrawing funding for some types of treatment and rationing it for others. For example, your GP will not be allowed even to put you on the waiting list for knee replacement till you have been in “debilitating” pain for at least six months.

To find out more, come to a public meeting at Islington Town Hall on Monday March 11 at 7pm. Hear from doctors, campaigners and the council leader about what is happening here and what we can do. It is organised by Islington Keep our NHS Public.

Islington Keep our NHS Public


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