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Nightmare of life next to Old Street roundabout building sites

07 April, 2017

• I WOULD like to tell you more about the nightmare situation that is happening to residents living near the Old Street roundabout.

We are suffering stress and trauma of daily noise and filth from the many building sites in the vicinity.

The comings and goings of their enormous vehicles hold up traffic and pedestrians going about their daily business. They seem to control the area around the underground entrance. They have even claimed part of my estate.

We can’t open our windows or use patios or balconies because of pollution. No concessions are given to compensate us for the loss of amenities. We still pay our full council tax to live in these conditions. They have closed our slip road that has been a right of way for all my lifetime.

There is no guarantee we will benefit from the section 106 money that is given to the council. It could be spent in another part of the borough, as has happened before.

We have no quality of life here at present and have been told that it is likely to go on for several more years. We have six sites working in the vicinity at present, not counting City Road, and another site is imminent.

This is the nightmare we have to live with and they call it progress.

Bath Street, EC1


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