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‘No nuts’ school warning as boy is put in hospital

Highbury pupil left in ‘critical condition’ by allergy

17 March, 2017 — By Joe Cooper

A SCHOOL has issued an urgent reminder to parents not to let children bring nuts to school after a boy was left in a “critical” condition following an allergic reaction.

A child was given a chocolate bar containing nuts by a friend and ­suffered a major reaction at Gillespie Primary School.

The Highbury school has a “no nuts” rule but a small minority of parents regularly flout the ban, leading to the “extremely serious” incident, according to headteacher Mark Owen.

In a newsletter to parents last month, he said: “If it had not been for the rapid response of our highly trained staff and the emergency services who arrived at the school within five minutes of us calling, the outcome would have been different. I am relieved to report that the little boy is absolutely fine now, but he did have to stay in hospital overnight and his medical situation was critical.”

The only snacks allowed in school are fruit, and bottles of water for after-school club.

“I have immediately reviewed our procedures and all club leaders have been told explicitly to confiscate any snacks off children if they are not fruit,” Mr Owen said.

“The little boy who had the allergic reaction to the nuts was not known by the school to have any allergies. This would not have been a problem if food had not been shared.

“We are therefore re-­educating children about this and reminding them that although it might seem like a kind act, they must never share any food with other children at school or on school trips.

“Please talk to your children about the issues raised and check extremely carefully if your children have packed lunches.”

He added: “I have made sure that our procedures in this area have been tightened up even more, but parents must comply with our policies to help us keep our children safe.”

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