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Now let’s look at the road dangers

04 October, 2019

Crash scene in Sheringham Road

• WITH the ribbon-cutting and political photo-ops of the revamped Highbury Corner roundabout over, and public consultation on Islington’s draft transport strategy closed, it’s time to look closely at what’s happening elsewhere on the borough’s roads, particularly on our residential streets.

In one week there’ve been two hit-and-runs on cyclists on local roads: the first on Fieldway Crescent on the eve of London Car Free Day, the second four days later on Crouch Hill.

These were followed by a pedestrian fatality and a serious pedestrian injury in almost the same spot on Transport for London’s Seven Sisters Road on two consecutive days.

Two weeks ago the crash (pictured) occurred on N7’s Sheringham Road near its junction with Crossley Street in St Mary’s ward, adjacent to Freightliners’ Farm, a nature-haven for school-children and around the corner from St Mary Magdalene Academy (SMAA) Primary School.

On Crossley Street itself, a 16-year-old received a serious arm fracture in May after being knocked from his bike by an oncoming vehicle returning from the SMAA school-run.

Traffic on Fieldway Crescent, already a rat-run from Holloway Road, has, according to several residents, increased significantly following the changes at Highbury Corner being celebrated by London mayor Sadiq Khan and council transport boss, Claudia Webbe.

This was predictable as drivers seek to circumvent road lay-out changes. The correct and responsible action must be the closure of this residential road to through-traffic, not a reversal of the protected cycling lanes at Highbury.

Creating a low-traffic neighbourhood, sometimes referred to as modal filtering, must be at the heart of the council transport strategy if it’s to succeed in achieving Cllr Claudia Webbe’s professed aim of a “healthy, fair and enjoyable transport environment as part of… a fairer Islington for all”.

A reminder that with less than one-third of Islington households owning / having access to a private vehicle, fairer means fewer.

In the meantime, Crossley Street residents have been complaining for years about the increase in school-run (and drug-running) traffic on their road, something those of us who live, walk and cycle in the area can attest to.

Together, Crossley and Fieldway Crescent could kick-start the much-needed reduction in through-traffic on the streets where we live.

Ellington Street, N7


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