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Now we have a worse service and the wrong buses on route 274

26 July, 2018

• THE 274 bus route is an important one, in particular for the elderly, as there is no other bus to get us into Camden or to Angel Islington and it is used for children going to the zoo.

The plan to introduce double-deck buses along this route can only have been devised by some simpleton who never travels on the bus, let alone this route, and who certainly does not have children.

I am certain the new buses are designed by people who never use the bus service. They are so hot, in any weather, that you can hardly bear it. They do not have enough seats or room and there are big steps restricting the use of certain seats for many people.

There are approximately eight seats that can be used by the elderly, the infirm or if you have any shopping or baggage or very small children. In a single-deck bus there are 13 or 14 seats that can be easily used.

The current single-deckers have lower seats with lower steps inside the bus. There is more standing room in the single buses, as the new buses have three doorways and two sets of stairs.

I feel very frustrated that Camden Council have allowed this to take place. Trees have already been lopped along the route to accommodate the double-deckers and road islands are being removed, all without consultation of residents.

To add insult to injury, this is a conservation area where residents, cannot cut trees in our own garden. Transport for London are apparently immune to these laws.

Agar Grove will become a main thoroughfare with fast traffic. We were told by the council that the road islands and speed humps were introduced to stop the fast flow of traffic, as there had already been accidents on Agar Grove.

Now that does not seem to matter. Not only do we get a reduced service with worse buses, we get the added pleasure of faster traffic.

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