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Now you see him… Woody Harrelson has a strum in Camden Town

Film star pops into Camden Guitars

28 November, 2019 — By Dan Carrier

Deicola Neves, right, with Woody Harrelson at the weekend

HOLLYWOOD star Woody Harrelson showed off his talents as a musician this week – when he popped into a Camden Town guitar shop to try out a new axe.

The True Detective actor turned up at Camden Guitars in Chalk Farm Road at the weekend – and promptly began jamming with its owner, Deicola Neves.

Mr Neves at first mistook Harrelson, who made his name as a bar tender in Cheers, for a regular customer as he recognised his face but did not realise why.

He said: “He came very gently to shake my hands. I thought I know him as customer then I recognised him when he smiled at me, he was interested in an acoustic guitar – a Neves, one of my own brand.”

Mr Harrelson asked Deicola’s opinion as to what guitar he should buy – and the shop owner suggested a travel-sized instrument so he could take it abroad when filming.

He added: “He was randomly playing scales and I started jam with him and he smiled and asked which chords I was using.” However, a sale did not materialise – this time.

Mr Neves said: “His brother phoned as he was in the shop to tell him he could lend him a guitar so he didn’t need to buy one – but he said he would come back.”

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