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One law for home-owners, but another for City University

14 June, 2019

• UNDER planning guidelines, householders in most conservation areas in the borough are not allowed to build roof extensions, except under strictly limited circumstances.

This is equally true of Northampton Square Conservation Area, which is dominated by but does not include the main buildings of City University. Planning policies nevertheless indicate that the effect on a conservation area of works to neighbouring buildings will be considered.

Islington Council’s planning committee has nevertheless resolved to approve an application from City University to build an extension along the roof of its tallest building – already twice the height of the remainder of the square – effectively raising it by some 8.5 metres, which is about three normal domestic storeys.

It very much reads like one law for the householder and a different one for the large and wealthy institution, does it not? The approved plans also con­tra­vene planning policies in other ways too numerous to list here.

Barnsbury Road, N1


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