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Labour has failed the young people of Holloway

26 March, 2021

• LABOUR’S Holloway by-election candidate is misguided if he thinks our streets are getting safer, (Holloway is an area close to my heart, March 19).

The 10-year track record is more, not less, violent crime.

Holloway residents know it all too well – 29 people, four of them in Holloway, have been stabbed to death in Islington since the Ben Kinsella tragedy in June 2008 in the street just behind where I live.

We will only ever address violent crime in Holloway if we recognise this is a community problem and we must all work together to solve it. Labour seem to be saying they can do it all on their own.

Instead of spending a fortune on the Clock Tower visitor centre, the council should invest in youth centres, and youth engagement.

Where are our youth centres? Where are the places where our young people can go and be mentored in order to grow and reach their full potential?

Labour has failed the young people of Holloway. I will change that by working with our bigger businesses to put back more into the communities they work in, and profit from, by directly funding youth engagement and mentoring.

I will address pollution and rubbish collection by implementing affordable, practical schemes that work, not just force traffic from one place to sit in a traffic jam in another, or fine residents who put things in the wrong bin. Residents are people, not cash machines!

My family is from around here, I’ve lived in Holloway’s Hartham Road for over 20 years, brought up my family here, and campaign year-round to make our neighbourhood better.

That’s why I am proud to be selected as the Liberal Democrat candidate in the May 6 by-election. Let’s make change.

Liberal Democrat Candidate
Holloway by-election


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