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Ordinary people will pay in some way

23 November, 2018

• FOR the working class Brexit, Remain or Leave, is a lose-lose situation. If we stay in the EU it would mean restrictions on a future Labour government’s powers to nationalise industry, finance and services, as the EU Commission has bound its member states to directives that would make it virtually impossible to implement socialist policies.

EU employment laws are now being undermined by zero-hour contracts and bogus self-employment. Full-time jobs are replaced by part-time and agency work.

The EU fails to protect pensions, but leaders of the Remain campaign are not bothered about these issues. They are putting pressure on for a second referendum, calling it a People’s Vote, but this would put us back to the status quo deterioration in living standards for working people.

By leaving the EU we would put at risk the 48 per cent of products we export to EU countries. Millions of jobs could go. We don’t know where all these so-called global trade deals would come from. The Tories would water down our already watered down employment laws, but the leading Leave campaigners are not bothered about this.

The Leave and Remain campaigns are both led by the bourgeoisie. How many MPs campaigned and voted against draconian parliamentary bills that damage working-class people, the sick and vulnerable. Tuition fees impose massive debts on students. Welfare reforms treat claimants like dirt and starve them to death.

The Housing and Planning Act destroys council housing, causing hardship and creating much more homelessness. Trade union legislation makes collective bargaining harder.

Whatever happens, no matter how bad things get they will always answer: “We are carrying out the will of the people.” Ordinary people will pay in some way or another, just as in the 2008 banking crisis. We need a Jeremy Corbyn Labour government that is for the many not the few.



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