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Our government will use Brexit to tear up our bill of rights and replace it with a much-watered- down one

06 July, 2018

• RIGHTLY or wrongly, Brexit was voted for by 52 per cent of the electorate taking part in the EU referendum in 2016.

I agree the information leading up to the referendum was poor and misleading. There was no plan either.

Also, the referendum was originally meant to have been non-binding, to give the UK government a negotiating lever to get a better deal in the EU.

Without doing adequate research and planning, the government made the referendum a binding one, but then we are where we are.

If I was a staunch Brexiter I would be campaigning for nationalisation of manufacturers, banks and services which are leaving the UK or threatening to leave because people voted for Brexit, using their democratic right.

These companies have no loyalty to the UK and its people. They should be nationalised or renationalised and their assets and funds sequestrated, but our government doesn’t have any will to stand up for its people. It’s pathetic, it only serves the one per cent.

If these companies were nationalised or made into workers’ co-operatives, the jobs and profits would remain in Britain.

Many remainers and leavers might unite on nationalisation of these companies, as they are using Brexit as an excuse to relocate to other countries to utilise cheaper labour costs.

Our government will use Brexit to tear up our bill of rights and replace it with a much-watered- down one. Even if we did not have Brexit, our government would do it. Just look at how the retirement age has gone up to 68 now.

When we leave the EU we will be under direct rule of the World Trade Organisation. If our government can’t stand up to the EU how is it going to stand up to a more ruthless organisation such as the WTO?

The UK will be slaughtered under the WTO, which will impose the break-up of the NHS and what is left of our assets. The UK will lose its sovereignty.

We need a stronger government to stand up to these tyrants.



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