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Our leaders insult the EU while pathetically calling on it to be more accommodating

26 October, 2018

• THEY came in their tens of thousands, they came in their hundreds of thousands, they came from all walks of life, they came from all over Britain.

They called for another referendum even though they knew their call would fall on deaf ears. All the politicos and the pundits had told them so. But still they came, to proclaim that their future lay in embracing Europe, not in rancorous English isolation. And they did so, peacefully and with dignity.

Of course, it won’t make a blind bit of difference. Our politicians will get on with their own diabolical dance of party infighting. Our leaders insult the EU while pathetically calling on it to be more accommodating.

Such are the divisions within the Tory party that the EU doesn’t know who it’s negotiating with, whether anything Team UK says can be taken at face value.

Theresa May increasingly looks like a pygmy stumbling in the dark. Will the DUP topple her? Will the Ultras do it first? Probably, but when?

Can Team UK deliver on anything? It now seems widely recognised that No Deal means a catastrophe, but no one seems to know how to avoid it.

Time is rushing on and decisions have to be made. Perhaps they already have been. Perhaps we are seeing some kind of softening up process so that we will accept anything Theresa May puts in front of us. Dog’s dinner, anyone?

Against this backdrop of Tory bungling, Labour offers no way forward. It remains behind in the polls (against this lot?). Its calls for a general election increasingly look like the worst kind of game playing. By completely ignoring the march it showed two fingers to the young.

With political parties like these, is it any wonder that our young people took to the streets? That they did so calmly and with good humour is one the few bright spots in the sad story of deceit and confusion that Brexit has become.

Richmond Grove, N1


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