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Our pride in MPs who back democracy

06 September, 2019

‘Pride in our MPs, Emily Thornberry and Jeremy Corbyn’

• ISLINGTON Pensioners Forum is outraged at the “smash and grab” raid against democracy, and alarmed that the Johnson government’s decision to close down Parliament – aimed at overcoming its minority status and ensuring the success of its no-deal Brexit policy – could be the thin edge of the wedge for our hard-won, historic basic democratic rights.

We are therefore pleased that thousands of people continue to demonstrate in London and around the country. We are encouraged that at the time of writing (one week after the Queen “rubber-stamped” this attack on Parliament) more than 1.7 million have signed the petition saying “no to prorogation” and more than 15,000 of those signatories live in Isling­ton.

We want to put on record our pride in our MPs, Emily Thornberry and Jeremy Corbyn, who are in the forefront of standing up for democracy and against a no-deal Brexit.

There is a great deal at stake. The government’s own leaked Yellow­hammer report reveals what a no-deal Brexit would mean, especially to children, the elderly and vulnerable people.

Among other things, there would be disruptions to the supply of drugs and medicine, a decrease in the availability of fresh food and even potential fresh water shortages due to possible interruptions of imported water treatment chemicals. And then there is the added threat of a Trump/Johnson trade deal attacking our NHS.

Chair, Islington Pensioners Forum



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