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Out-of-touch elites one reason Oldies voted Leave

17 March, 2017

• I COULD not agree more with John Sutherland about the war on the old (Age rage! Why it’s young against old, March 10).

Giles Coren of The Times should be aware of the poorest pensioners brought out of poverty by recent governments.

We lived with no central heating and outside toilets. Our holidays consisted of hop picking in Kent. People who worked all their lives should not have to ration food or fuel to keep warm.

Mr Coren and the out-of-touch elites are one reason oldies voted to leave the EU.

This war on the old is fuelling robbery, abuse and the conning of pensioners.

President John F Kennedy said, when introducing health care for the over-65s: “Those who have worked all their lives should not retire in poverty and isolation.”

It is a pity that thinktanks, metropolitan columnists and other do not show the same grace or knowledge that physical decline brings.

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