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Owner beats off fox attacking Chihuahua

Woman fights off animal in her back garden as her pets suffer second attack this year

28 July, 2017 — By Frederica Miller

Marie Wilson’s pet Chihuahuas

A PERSONAL trainer fought off a fox “with her bare hands” when her pet Chihuahua was attacked on Friday evening.

Marie Wilson had to rescue her beloved Finley from the jaws of the fox, which grabbed him in her Canonbury back garden.

“I had to physically beat the fox up with my bare hands until it let go of my Chihuahua from its jaws,” Ms Wilson said.

“It had sunk its teeth into my Chihuahua’s neck. My leg was bleeding. I have been cut and shaken up by this.”

This is the second time this year Ms Wilson has had to battle off foxes attacking her pets. She saved her other Chihuahua, Madison, from one in March.

Marie Wilson

That attack caused Madison, who needed emergency surgery, to lose several teeth.

While Finley escaped from this latest incident unscathed, Ms Wilson had to pay a £30 vet fee for a check-up to ensure he wasn’t hurt.

Ms Wilson added: “Two fox attacks on both my dogs in less than five months is unacceptable. I should be able to live my life with my dogs safely in both my front and back garden.”

An Islington Council spokesman said: “We understand how upsetting attacks on pets by foxes can be, and sympathise with Ms Wilson.

“We hope her dog makes a full recovery. Unfortunately, under existing controls, the council has no remit to regulate local fox populations. We’d suggest Ms Wilson contacts the Fox Project, which provides helpful practical advice on deterring the ­animals.”

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