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Panorama painted an unrecognisable picture of Labour

12 July, 2019

• THE BBC’s Panorama on Wednesday, July 10, painted an unrecognisable picture of the Labour Party that I belong to.

I am Jewish. I am also an anti-racist who has challenged anti-Semitism wherever I have encountered it, left or right, for as long as I can remember.

The repeated assertion that Jews feel unwelcome or unsafe in the party is simply untrue. But this was at one with the programme’s welter of speculation, disembodied, uncontextualised and unattributed quotes and obvious distortions.

Instead of concrete evidence we were offered the same old allegations and claims by disgruntled employees and hatchet people that have been made for the last four years.

What interested me most was that they repeatedly returned to what they clearly see as the real problem. The reason this all started up from the moment Jeremy Corbyn was elected as party leader, they say, is because of the “influx of new members”.

It seems from the Panorama programme that what these ex-employees, who presided over the mass summary suspen­sions of Corbyn supporters during his campaigns for the leadership, are really frightened of is democracy and the potential he and all those enthusiastic new members have brought for real change – for the many, not the few.

Member of Islington North CLP


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