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Parking ban will destroy my livelihood

29 September, 2017

Cafe owner Al Scott 

• WE have lived and traded in the centre of Clerkenwell Green for more than 50 years under the name of Scotti’s Snack Bar and La Rocchetta Restaurant.

I was fobbed off by the stakeholder group involved in drawing up plans for improving the Green, being told: “Individuals cannot be part of the steering group, but we understand your needs.”

My views were more moderate with regard to cars and parking. These proposals, with the introduction of a two-way street outside my house, will have a negative impact on my life. The complete ban on parking will ruin my livelihood.

Residents and businesses around the Green know that improvements are required. The Green is the
hub of the business community, with more than 100 businesses in and around it, but reverts to a quiet village square in the evening and at weekends. And it works well. There is rarely a traffic jam.

Encouraging vehicles that come here to service offices to trawl around residential streets, looking for non-existent parking bays, is negative. It shows the stakeholder group is completely out of touch with what Clerkenwell really needs.

Coincidentally , the proposal of an “access-only” route for Sekforde Street is elitist. Is it okay to use the Green as their own personal rat-run? There is no campaign to remove the 70 or so cars from Sekforde Street, I note. More than one plan was drawn up. Why are the other options not made available?

Historic open space? We are in 2017. Is it poignant to remind our Labour councillors: For the many, not the few.

Clerkenwell Green, EC1


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