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Parties evolve and adapt over time

11 April, 2019

• FURTHER to Sanjoy Sen’s letter (Why would Labour want to ignore its voter base? April 4), the reason that many hard-left socialists were so Eurosceptic is due to the fact that they feared that being part of a trade bloc would damage British manufacturing.

That is why Tony Benn backed the idea of a siege economy, by having high tariffs to control imports then people would be encouraged to buy domestically-made products.

However manufacturing has declined so heavily over the decades that it shouldn’t be the priority. Instead we should focus on our much more international, service-based, economy.

This is a good example of horseshoe theory at work, with both the far-left and far-right generally being significantly more Eurosceptic than those with more moderate views. A recent YouGov poll put support from Labour voters for a second referendum at 75 per cent.

With such a clear majority of Labour voters wanting a second referendum, why would the party simply choose to ignore it just because the old guard wouldn’t have wanted it?

Parties evolve and adapt over time and Labour voters now want to remain in the European Union. And as for why so many Labour strong-holds have become more Conservative? Gentrification.

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