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Think about pedestrian safety

19 July, 2021

‘In a matter of 30 minutes I experienced three scary and dangerous incidents’

• I READ with interest this week how proud the new leader of Islington Council is about the new provision of safe cycling around the borough.

I too am pleased fewer cyclists will be hurt or killed on our roads. But I would ask the council and cyclists to spare a thought for pedestrians.

The other day I walked along Fieldway Crescent to Holloway Road. As I reached Holloway Road the person in front of me was narrowly missed by a young man on an e-scooter who was going at speed along the pavement.

After I had done my shopping I went to cross the road in front of Mary Magdalene Church.

I had to stop sharply as a cyclist on the pavement was weaving in and out of pedestrians, showing no regard for the fact that it was difficult for me to get out of his way quickly.

As I started to cross, a cyclist shot through a red light narrowly missing me. As well as going through a red light he was travelling well over the speed limit.

So in a matter of 30 minutes I experienced three scary and dangerous incidents.

Cyclists and users of e-scooters rightly demand that car drivers treat them with care and respect.

How about Islington Council and the police demanding that cyclists and users of e-scooters stay off the pavements and stop jumping red lights?

This would ensure the safety of all the people the council claims to represent and would not turn pedestrians into second class citizens.

As far as I am concerned Islington pavements are unsafe because of the lack of care by cyclists and users of e-scooters.

Highbury Crescent, N5


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