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People are ‘jacking up in TK Maxx bins’, council told

Councillor questions whether council can use special orders to change the way retailers operate

18 April, 2019

A COUNCILLOR has asked whether protection orders can be used against shops which did not look after its bins.

Labour’s Sue Vincent told a council meeting people had been “jacking up” inside the bins used by the TK Maxx clothes shop – taking drugs – in Charing Cross Road.

She told the culture and environment scrutiny committee: “.Could we use Community Protection Notices for  things like companies that are continually fouling our neighbourhood with their bins? For example, TK Maxx in Charing Cross Road, they have their bins at the back near residents and they constantly overfill them and they overflow.”

Sue Vincent

She added: “We have spoken to them, they leave them unlocked. People jack up in them. People get in them and use them for recreational activities, shall we say. It’s a real problem, it becomes a hotspot with people doing all sorts of various activities. Can I take a CPN on TK Maxx?”

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The New Journal contacted TK Maxx’s press operation for comment, following its website’s instructions to email its media centre, but did not receive a reply.

Cllr Vincent said other shops in the area were behaving in a similar way.

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