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People-friendly streets have their advantages

24 July, 2020

Carly Ashdown

• IT is good to read that Carly Ashdown can move around more easily on her mobility scooter and will be able to pick up her son from school without drivers shouting at her, now that people-friendly streets are being rolled out in Islington, (‘People friendly’ streets scheme is welcomed by disabled woman, July 17).

Drivers have had an easy life for a very long time, but most of us who live in Islington never drive and rarely get into any motor vehicle apart from buses.

We still have to put up with the strange freedom drivers have to litter the road with ugly metal boxes, fumes and dust from exhaust pipes and tyres, and noise. We are under siege but have no voice to object to the invasion.

It can’t have been nice for Ms Ashdown to be shouted at by drivers. So, well done to the Labour council for not obeying the well-off minority of drivers as you normally do.

Cars are welcome guests on our streets but in recent decades they have taken over the streets that had been made good for bicycles; and drivers have behaved arrogantly.

More people move around when cars are prevented from dominating the roads. And drivers themselves stop driving short distances when they realise it is easier not to.

And I have a question for the drivers who oppose the new people-friendly streets: when was a consultation held that asked everybody in Islington whether they agreed to have cars all over the place, making it difficult for the rest of us to move around?

Wedmore Gardens, N19


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