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People want to make their communities better and greener places to live

24 July, 2020

Guerrilla gardening is on the increase – come and join us

• IT seems to have become quite a trend again, “guerilla gardening”, with unauthorised flowers, plants and even vegetables springing up in unexpected public spaces.

We’re delighted about this but not at all surprised. People want to get out and about and, as always, do something to make their communities better and greener places to live.

After months of lockdown, one of the ways local people can relax, unwind and chat (in a socially distanced way, of course) is to plant and maintain a garden together where there were only weeds before.

Our own local effort in Stroud Green, opposite Nando’s at the corner of Upper Tollington Park and Stroud Green Road, is only a month old but is already starting to thrive.

We have all kinds of flora there: sunflowers, hollyhocks, marigolds, lupins, tomatoes, lettuce, basil, mint…

There’s even an oak sapling so, if any of your current readers happens to be passing by in 200 years, ask them to let our team know how it’s doing. My contact details may have changed by then, though.

The little plot is tended almost daily by the same dedicated group of volunteers who planted it, with the invaluable assistance of nearby shopkeepers who seem to appreciate what we’re trying to do.

If any Tribune readers would like to help out, you’d be most welcome.

Come just as you are, by all means, but you can also bring your own gardening tools, if you want, along with any plants or seeds you’d like to add to the mix.

Our next get-together is this Sunday, July 26, at 2pm (and every fortnight thereafter).

Guardians of the Green@Stroud Green


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