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Pie & mash shops are a tradition worth keeping

23 May, 2019

• HAVING lived in Camden Town for the first 19 years of my life, I continued to visit my parents each week until they died eight years ago.

The only reason I go back these days is to visit my favourite pie and mash shop in Royal College Street, Castles, which has been there since 1934. It was a staple diet of mine over the years and thankfully Castles is still going strong.

But with so many pie shops closing down like Manze’s in Islington, they’re becoming harder and harder to find. Street food and Ubereats etc are popular but we need to keep this English tradition of pie and mash shops going.

So if it’s somewhere you haven’t been in a long while, put down your iPhone and go and get some amazing food – because that’s what it is.

My pies today were meaty and succulent (hand-made and baked before your eyes in huge ovens in the shop). Oh and if you’re a true Londoner, their hot stewed eels and mash are great!



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